Friday, June 11, 2021

All India Online Test Series for NEET 2021

 First All India Online Test Series (Mock Test) for NEET 2021 will held on 20th June 2021. Test will start at 9 A.M . Duration of Test is 3 hrs. and it covers Full Syllabus. Prepare and Take Test seriously.

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Sunday, April 11, 2021

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Go Big or Go Home

A few days ago, I spoke to 500 local business leaders. I began with these words : "I have good news and bad news The good news is you will have fewer competitors next year because many of your competitors will be out of business. The bad news is you might be one of those out of business

I then showed them my local newspaper pointing to the headline "Businesses are struggling." I opened the newspaper and said, "I can tell you who will be in business." I pointed to a full-page ad for a local appliance store. "I'll bet money that this business will be here next year. Why? Because this business is advertising more aggressively than its competition."
When business drops off, many entreprenuers listen to their accountant's advice and cut back on advertising and promotion. That's the worst thing you can do.When times get tough, your job is to promote more, not less.
Promotion is a six-week cycle.that means if I promote today, business increases six weeks later. Many businesses violate the six-week cycle. They promote, for say, four weeks, and because nothing happens they stop. Two weeks later, there's a sudden increase in business.For four weeks, business remains strong. Then, just as suddenly, business drops off, because six weeks earlier,the entreprenuer had stopped promoting. Never stop promoting: Promote whether the economy is strong or weak; promote even when you may not have the money.If you have money, stand on a street corner at lunchtime with a sign hanging around your neck promoting your product or service.Not only will you meet customers,but you might also save money on lunch,lose some weight and get a suntan.

Obviously, it takes more than just promotion to do well. To be successful, a business also requires strong fundamentals and a desirable product or service. During tough economic times ,though, even some good businesses fail; some businesses shrink and others grow . When a business closes, its customers migrate to the business that fights hard and stays open.Businesses that promote while others cut their ad budgets have a better chance of getting bigger... even if the economy is shrinking.

True Nobility

Who does his task from day to day And meets whatever comes his way, Believing God has willed it so, Has found real greatness here below, Who guards his post,no matter where, Believing God must need him there, Although but lowly toil it be, He rises to nobility. For great and low there's but one test: "T is that each man shall do his best. Who works with all the strength he can Shall never die in debt to man,a

Bold Leadership

Goethe said, Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Are you, as a leader, ready to take a quantum leap? Is your dream big dream and bar set very high? Then insist on being the number one provider of whatever product or service you offer and vow to put together a team who will assist u in gaining a clear advantage in your chosen niche. What ’next? The people , of course. Who do u want to come along with you for the ride? The ”A ” players of course. Don’t spend time on attempting to B and C players into “A” players; but rather, spend time grooming the A-players and then promoting them within the organization. Have the courage to hire only the best and brightest and take risks on high-potential people. Re-examine your agenda daily and constantly make changes and improvements quickly where necessary. Embrace change and adapt. Confront what the reality is for each day and don’t flinch. Once the reality sparks ideas, react quickly so that they do not become stale or lose momentum. Continually refine and improve but don’t change unless the reality changes. Encourage employees to make decisions themselves. If they are confident that they are right about something, they will have the power to change things. Don’t choke their initiative and enthusiasm; rather speed, simplicity and self-confidence must be encouraged. Make decisions quickly in order to stay on the cutting-edge of the market. By keeping it simple and uncomplicated, you will be able to create and implement a clear vision. By cultivating self-confidence, you can shed your go and together with your team you can dream, risk and win. Be in tune with the ever-evolving business environment. The game is going to constantly change, so be there to embrace it as a fruitful and necessary business strategy. Change the competitive landscape by being not just better than your competitors, but by taking quality to a whole new level while maintaining a commitment to integrity. Measure, Analyse, improve and control all processes to achieve the highest quality service to your clients or customers. Make your quality so special, valuable and important to them that your services become their only real value choice. Quality is the job of every employee. Weak managers are the killers of business. Don’t manage, lead. The less managing and more lading one does, the better off the company will be. Leaders are both team members and coaches. They facilitate, not control. They are not turf-defending and oppressive, but rather draw out the energy and creativity of those around them. Transfer ideas, allocate resources and get out of the way so that employees can get out of their “world” and join in on the excitement and energy necessary for a successful business. People today want a more balanced life and to be successful in both their business and family lives. Require a lot of intensity, but allow flexibility for the employees to create this balance. Seek results and allow each individual to achieve them in their own way. Cultivate a culture of learning and growing. Have no boundaries. Encourage every one to reach beyond their perceived limitations and set aggressive goals. Hire great talent, give them all the support they need and let them run with it. Fear has no use in leadership. Fear immobilizes people and renders them unable to work through barriers and reach new heights. The goals must be on every agenda and spoken about every day. Anything that moves you away from these goals must be eliminated. Once goals are achieved, new goals must be set and a higher bar raised. Talk about the numbers, but don’t focus on them. Focus on the vision. While understanding that financial objectives are important, they don’t instill values in the hearts and minds of employees. High employee satisfaction will yield productivity and high customer satisfaction will yield dollars.